BTE Racing: Full Race Torque Converters

Full Race Torque Converters

Racing torque converters require more durable components and more racing experience to build than street torque converters.  BTE has more than 40 years of experience in building torque converters for drag, mud, swamp, and monster truck racing. Each race torque converter is matched to your combination by one of our racing specialists.  We will consider all aspects of your car and racing style before building your torque converter.  

BTE torque converters use new parts; we build our own steel stators, heavy duty steel covers, hubs, and even all new converter tops and turbines. Each racing torque converter is precision welded, pressure tested, and computer balanced for proper operation. See our specification sheet for a custom recommendation.

Our selection includes a 10”, 11”, 9”, 8” and 9.5” race torque converter, and a very popular model, the bolt together torque converter.

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Need Something Custom?

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