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BTE’s torque converters are available for a wide range of performance applications, whether you drive your vehicle to the track or pull it with a tractor-trailer. Using newly designed and manufactured components to maintain consistency and withstand heat, pressure, and torque, BTE also relies on a detailed in-house knowledge base to properly select a torque converter for any application. Common features for all BTE torque converters are listed in this section.
Contact BTE directly at 1.800.626.1828, and a specialist will make a specific recommendation.

When choosing a torque converter for a full race vehicle, BTE can help you by selecting and building a custom torque converter that matches your combination perfectly.

A higher stalling and optimized torque converter can greatly improve the performance of street driven cars and improve the durability over stock units.

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The top choice for most drag racing applications.


BTE's 9" race converter is optiized for nitrous, turbo, and big cubic inch naturally aspirated applications.


BTE's 9.5" converter is optimized for blower, nitrous, and turbo applications over 1200 horsepower.


BTE's 10" race torque converter is designed for engines in the 900 to 1500 horsepower range.


For stall speeds 3000 to 3500, BTE's 10" street / strip converter is the best choice.


Maximum horsepower applications demand the strength and design of the BTE 11" torque converter series.


BTE's 11" street / strip converter is designed for stall ranges between 2600 to 2800 rpm.


Bump your stall speed 200 to 400 RPM with our 12" Street Enhancer torque converter.


All BTE torque converters are backed by our full satisfaction warranty.

International users: We are not currently accepting online orders from outside the US. If you are interested in placing an order, please call 1-800-626-1828 during business hours.